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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

End of Master Cleanse day 4.

I was actually up  pound this morning, so that was a bit discouraging...I blame it on my salt water flush that only half way worked... I'm not sure why since I did it all correctly. I was actually .4 less than this morning when I work up from my nap.... BUT I did drink two lemonades since then so we'll see.

I have two more weigh ins and I'm still hoping to see 159.8 on Friday morning!
I'm going to take laxatives tomorrow night and then sleep in as late as possible on Friday to get my weight down.

THEN juice all day! with some solids later on.

Nervous for spring break and the weight gain that may come... however I think I have what it takes to keep it pretty healthy! Plus we're walking a LOT so that should help :D

I'm going to start running soon as well! After my swim meet on the 16th of March I'm going to write a plan out for running. Hopefully my tendonitis wont return and I can do a few 5Ks this summer!

ONE MORE DAY! Woot woot :) Glad I kept up and didn't quit!

<3 <3 <3

1 comment:

  1. Hey Lilah Lee
    God luck with this one I imagine its quite tough but your a strong lady and I'm sure you will succeed just keep thinking Beyonce!!! :)
    She dropped so much for dreamgirls!
    I'm right behind you!
    Much love
    Wilted~Rose @}~>~ xx