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Monday, September 10, 2012


Today wasn't that great food wise.
Not sure what got in to me.

Started with a yogurt...then eggs and these damn cheesy potato puffs my work has...

went to the caf and had a slice of pizze, two bites of a veggie burger, 3/4 of a veggie sandwich and a bowl of cheese soup.

Really wanting to go throw up right now...actually tried and got a little out but I'm on campus so there was way too many people.  Luckily I'm going home soon.

I just really don't know what do to..

I just need to gain some kind of control again... I guess we'll see what happens...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

progress pic. kinda.

I hit 167.4 this morning which I'm pretty happy about.
Took a pic, when I hit 159 I'll take another one to see if I can actually see a difference...       

Excuse the bed hair, I just woke up lol...I just really need to get rid of my stomach... 20 pound loss could really help me out. I've been working out everyday though so I'm sure I'll have about 10 gone before halloween.  It's just all this drinking that pisses me off.... I can't say no tho haha. I guess I'll just keep up the 1200 net cal goal...

Friday, September 7, 2012


Gym last night was great.... elliptical for like 50 minutes then burned 200 calories on the treadmill... ran a mile but broke it up in to .75 then .25, hopefully I'll do the whole mile today.

I drank a couple beers last night and ate more than I should have, however I am 169.2 this morning and I'm decently happy about that.
15 days until we have this Oktober fest party at my house. My goal weight is definitely 163...I've dropped 6 pounds in 15 days before... well even more, so I know it's possible... especially if I can run everyday and keep my net under 1200.

My roommate is making me a dirndl to wear and I believe we're making it today or tomorrow? Would be nice if it ended up being slightly big on the 22nd.

so pretty much I'm starting my race back to the 150's, hopefully it will be just as quick as I put it on haha.... definitely trying to be there before Halloween.  I think a great Halloween goal would be to get back to 155... I can def do it...

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Thursday, September 6, 2012


I was 170.4 when I woke up which is decent... ha.

I''m going to the gym in like 5, hoping to see 169 on the scale after... even if it is just water weight. don't care. lol

I think I need to burn about 800 calories to be on the safe side... dinner after will be something 300 calories or less...I kinda want to try and get to 159 pretty healthily, and then that way I can drop (hopefully) another 10 using *alternative* methods.


I suppose I'm back.

So here I am...I always end up back here eventually.

I was doing sooo great. I maintained around 155 for the longest time...and I was actually super happy with what I looked like! Then I turned 21 and it all went to shit... haha.
I think it'sjust the non stop drinking that got me.... and with being drunk comes eating food...
So I was like 156ish on July 14th, now i'm 171. So lame.

I'm ready to get back to where I was and asap.  We're having a party at my new house on 9/22 and I would love to be 163 for it... we'll see.

I just had a fantastic b/p session for the first time in forever... not proud of it whatsoever but at least I feel better than I did before.  I popped about 6 lax's after... I just want to get everything out of my system and start fresh.  I need to stop eating all this fried junk and focus on more fruits/veggies.

It doesn't really help that I'm so poor either...but at least I work around potentially healthy stuff.

I've been vegetarian for almost 4 months now but I'm debating on going vegan least for a bit.  I just can not handle this fat on me anymore...

I'm going to take a nap and when I wake up I'm going to the gym forever.  I've gone twice this week and twice last so at least i'm not a complete fuck up.  I've just been doing the elliptical and uphill walking mostly. Ran .7 straight yesterday, .6 the week before.... may just do a mile today.  I was up to 5 straight in the spring but I always end up fucking my leg up....

Scratch all my current things and goals on this page... too lazy and depressed to update them... oh well.

right now my current goal is to just see the 160's in the next 2 days... yea, that will be good...

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O yeah... :)

... I forgot to tell you all. I chopped all my hair off! <3
oh yea! 88 days till my 21st :) :D


I hit 160 this morning!!
I've been really watching what I eat, running on occasion, although it's been difficult lately with work.

I hope you are all doing great :) I'm sorry for not keeping in contact anymore... it's just so easy for me to get lost in the ED process when I'm on blogger so often.  This is the first time I've stayed the 160's for this long without gaining a ton back so I'm really proud  of myself :)

Stay strong beautiful ladies! I
i'll be back this summer :)

update: just hit 159.8 words an not express my excitement! :D
hit my next goal weight :) :) :)