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Monday, September 10, 2012


Today wasn't that great food wise.
Not sure what got in to me.

Started with a yogurt...then eggs and these damn cheesy potato puffs my work has...

went to the caf and had a slice of pizze, two bites of a veggie burger, 3/4 of a veggie sandwich and a bowl of cheese soup.

Really wanting to go throw up right now...actually tried and got a little out but I'm on campus so there was way too many people.  Luckily I'm going home soon.

I just really don't know what do to..

I just need to gain some kind of control again... I guess we'll see what happens...


  1. God, we are all having such a tough time at the moment being well behaved. I don't know what the hell is going on. Damn. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. Xo

  2. Hey. Im here for the first time and Im going to follow you from now on. Try to find some self discipline. Drink more, eat less. Also dont trow up. Thats the worst. Good luck

  3. Ive been away for too long, but im back. And youve gone. I hope youre ok. Ive missed you