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Friday, December 16, 2011


I've been stuck at 160 forever now....well, between 160.4 and 163.. it fluctuates.

On a good note I bought new clothes last night.  My favorite being a black pair of skinny jeans from the limited... they're a size 6 so that was super exciting for me.. however I also bought a pair of dress slacks, size 8 and a pair of hollister jeans size 9 long....well, 29 inch waist... whatever that translates too. Debating on returning them though, since I'm not really planning on being that size too much longer... they are really comfy tho.

Sorry for being gone.. I promise that starting next week when I'm back at my parents for break I'll be on more.

Today I ate:
odwalla juice
weight watchers cheese stick

I'm hungry now though.... debating on cereal, popcorn, yogurt, oatmeal, or special K bar

I really want to see 158.8 before the new year.
However, If I don't I won't be too worried. I'm just happy that I'm not considered fat by people anymore lol. my bmi dropped by 4.1 too so that's nice to hear as well.

I'm debating on creating a work out plan for the time that I'm at home... it would probably just consist of doing P90X in my living room and what not.... potentially some running but probs not.

Swim team starts when I get back to college so I know that I'll be able to maintain and hopefully drop.

I really just want to break my low from 2010 which was 154... however, My roommate for next year dropped 21 pounds and is pretty damn tiny now so I would love to be her size while living with her.

I'm going to indiana tomorrow for a hockey game with my boyfriends family... kinda nervous but at least i'm not fat anymore...well, super fat... haha my bf insists I was never that bad... but, I was lol.

The low 160's is good for me... 155 is perfect.... however I would really love to just maintain at 145 the rest of my life lol

Love you girls.
Hope all is well
<3 <3 <3


  1. Yay glad your back! Well maintaining is better than gaining that's for sure. Sometimes plateaus just take a little persistence and time to get over. Have fun at the game!