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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holidays went well.

Of course I forgot my scale at school... the one my parents have is never right... always is higher than you actually are.  Before I left school I was about 162.8, got my period, came home and was 168?? so that was odd. Especially since my roommates scale is the same as mine now, I know that they have to be right.  This morning, after the holidays, I ate two pieces of poppy seed bread and some orange juice, then weighed in at 164.5, so that's a good sign. I always lose the water weight from my period, I'm just wondering what my real weight is.  My goal is to see 162 flat on that scale before I go back to school in hopes that that will mean I'm in the 150's.

Everyone at my family Christmas's said I looked great from when they saw me last, so that was of course extremely refreshing.  I wish I was able to do a little bit better with my weight loss goals but I gotta say, I've been able to keep 25-28 pounds off so I really can't complain.  I'm semi happy at this weight, but I definitely want to lose more. 20 more would be wonderful.

Since I've been maintaining rather easily at this weight I'm actually rather positive when thinking about losing more.  I know I have more to go and it shouldn't be that difficult once I return to school.  My swim club at college begins the day I return and since i'm starting at a low (for me) weight at the beginning of the season, this definitely means I'll lose more throughout the season. Well, as long as I keep my intake down haha :)

Hope all of your holidays were successful and fun :) I definitely ate more than I would have liked to, but at both families I actually never went back for seconds! Which I think is a first haha.

I'm leaving for Virginia on Thursday morning for 5 days.  My boyfriend is coming with me, thank the lord.  My cousin is getting married on New Years Eve so this should be interesting.  I'm nervous about all of the food but whatever... I'm going to have a good time :)

I've started to devise a plan for 2012.  I will NOT gain this weight back, again. I refuse. I've seen the 180's 3 times now and refuse to ever make that a 4th, unless I have kids someday lol.

My goal is to be in the 150's by February 1st.
When I return from Virginia I'll have 6 days at home and I plan to rotate between P90X cardio and P90X interval videos for those days.  Then when I get back to school I'll be swimming Mon,Tues,Wed (sadly I have class on Thursday so can't swim) and then I will run on the weekends! Unless we have a meet of course!.

So basically I have a whole month to slowly get back to normal and into the swing of things. July 14th marks my 21st birthday and I would absolutely love to be 148.8 on that day, preferably less of course but that works! Once I see 154 on the scales again anything less will just be amazing ;)

<3 <3 <3
promise to post and comment more, good new years resolution, right?


  1. I would absolutely love for you to post more! I'm so proud of you for keeping off all that weight. With your plans, I have absolute faith that you can get into the 150s by February. Keep working hard, sweetheart. It'll all be worth it! And don't be a stranger! <3

  2. I love it when you post a lot!!! Your determination is infectious. :)