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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Master Cleanse day 1!

So today is officially my first day doing the master cleanse! It's actually better than I remember it so that's good haha.  I feel like so many people have stopped posting it makes me sad :(

I read that you're supposed to do this cleanse for a minimum of 10 days but due to me going to spring break, and wanting to do a 3 day ease out period (friday, saturday, sunday) I can only do a 5 day this time :( However, if I'm not 159 then I'll try to continue till I hit it.

I'm surprisingly not that hungry... at least not as hungry as I thought I would be!

I'll try and post each day during this diet...however I don't feel like anyone is reading these anymore anyways haha so we'll see...



  1. hey im reading and i luv ur blog.. please dont stop posting! and follow me too (i need all the support i can get)
    and email me anytime:

  2. Still reading! stay strong beautiful! :)