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Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 2. 165.6

Day one was a success. I'm actually 2 pounds down from yesterday morning which is awesome.  I successfully ate all fruits and veggies. The only mistakes being mustard and ranch that I dipped the veggies in throughout the day. I also had two bites of pecan crusted chicken at dinner but I'm down the two pounds so i'm happy.
If I can lose a pound a day I would be extremely happy.

day 3: 2/24: 164.6
day 4: 2/25: 163.6 MC first day.
day 5: 2/25: 162.6
day 6: 2/27: 161.6
day 7: 2/28: 160.6
day 8: 2/29: 159.6

If this works out I will only have to be on the Master Cleanse for 5 days! So I'm really shooting for this. I may actually stay on it for one day past 159 just to insure that I can stay in the 150's.

I haven't really planned the ease out steps yet but I'm thinking of doing the same as the ease in but opposite. two juice days and a third veggie/fruit day.... however I'm leaving for spring break on Monday so its really going to depend when I hit the 150's what my plan will be. I will definitely be able to do at least one all juice day though!

I'll keep you guys updated.
I'm going out to dinner tonight with my boyfriend and then two of my bestfriends. I'm getting tomato soup and salad and then drinking wine tonight...after that there will be no more solid foods until I'm in the 150's! woot woot.

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