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Thursday, March 22, 2012


So I'm 169.8....which freaked me out. I refuse to see 170.
I started the my fitness pal on my iphone again and I'm going to follow what it says haha. To lose 2 pounds a week I need to 1200 a day... plus I'll be working out everyday. No excuses.

I've already put my food in for the day and what I'll eat and I'm at like 900 so I hsould still eat more I guess? we'll see.

I stopped taking my anxiety meds for about a week now just because I'm too lazy to go pick them up.  However this means that my eating issues are in like full swing... which has pros and cons lol.
I'm getting them tonight ut if my control is gone when I start taking them then I'm just going to scratch even taking them anymore.... or at least take less since I hate the anxiety feeling all the time.

My goal. (once again.) Is 159.8 by the end of my last final exam, April 30. So a little over a month to lose 10 pounds, I really think I can do that.

OH! I started running again this week :D
Sunday: ran 1 mile, walked a bit and then ran .86
Monday: swam an intense fly workout. 1650 fly :P and then about 2000 other...
Tuesday: Ran a mile, walked a bit, ran 1.12 or something close haha.
Wednesday: swam about 3000 yards? Not a huge workout but im sore from it.
Today I'm planning on running again (I guess I should say jog since I'm so slow right now. lol)
hopefully 1mile and then walk and then run 1.2 (i'm trying to slowly increase the 2nd mile haha :)

Here's some pics from my weekend! Hope everyone had a blast on st. pattys day!! :)

My boyfran up front cheesin.. haha

I feel like I look decent for what I weigh... and I'm at a weight where I'm...not content, or indifferent, but on that line between freaking about about being fat and then being understanding about being fat. lmao. Does that make sense? haha

BUT I WILL get back to 154 this summer.

Off to study...biomedical ethics. kill me.

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