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Friday, September 7, 2012


Gym last night was great.... elliptical for like 50 minutes then burned 200 calories on the treadmill... ran a mile but broke it up in to .75 then .25, hopefully I'll do the whole mile today.

I drank a couple beers last night and ate more than I should have, however I am 169.2 this morning and I'm decently happy about that.
15 days until we have this Oktober fest party at my house. My goal weight is definitely 163...I've dropped 6 pounds in 15 days before... well even more, so I know it's possible... especially if I can run everyday and keep my net under 1200.

My roommate is making me a dirndl to wear and I believe we're making it today or tomorrow? Would be nice if it ended up being slightly big on the 22nd.

so pretty much I'm starting my race back to the 150's, hopefully it will be just as quick as I put it on haha.... definitely trying to be there before Halloween.  I think a great Halloween goal would be to get back to 155... I can def do it...

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