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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blah Blah Blah

I need a new plan if I'm ever going to lose more weight...
I'm still maintaining relatively well, so that's good that I've been able to keep the weight off for so long...However I need another 10 to at least be decently happy.

I'll be swimming three times a week from now on and hopefully going to the gym three times as well, which will definitely help out.

Here's my projected schedule this semester:

Monday: Class @ 11-12:20
Class @4-4:50
Swim @7:30-9

Tuesday: work @7-2:30
Class @ 4-6:20
Swim @ 7:30-9

Work @ 7-10:30
Class at 11-12:20
Class @ 1:30-4:10
Swim @7:30-9

Work @ 7-2:30
Class @ 5:30-8
Gym after class?

swim @ 5:30-7:30

Sat/Sun: Gym

so I have a decently busy schedule, however I should be able to work out enough to lose some weight.
I purged tonight...which kinda sucked...I don't really do it that often anymore... but I ate two pieces of pizza and 3 little cheese breadsticks so I thought it was necessary haha.

I need to go shop soon, and I always will buy healthy problem is that I either dont eat enough or I'll crave crappy food and then just go to wendys or buy candy.  So I think i'm going to try and buy some food that I normally wouldn't, like smoothie juice bars...that way when I'm in need of sugars or candy I'll have backup that isn't too horrible.

I'm really going to try and post more, I know I've said that over and over again through the last year.  Posting seems to just really help me to keep track of everything.

Yesterday I biked 5 miles, did a mile on the eliptical...and then ran a couple laps and did a little on this weird eco-mill thing, def not a fan.

I hope you all have a great night! It's been wonderful to talk to you all again :)

<3 <3

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  1. Being busy is good! I think school will help me drop weight, no time to be sitting around munching and they don't like you to eat in the library anyways. :P Good luck with a new plan!