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Thursday, January 26, 2012

these last 20 pounds are gonna be a bitch.

Yesterdays weight: 165.4
Todays weight: 164.2
Tomorrow projected: 163.8?

Im going to Gatlinburg Tennesse on March 5th with my bf for spring break. Besides being super excited I also want to be in the 150's by then.
Pretty simple goal. 158 preferably.
That would be 30 pounds total.

I have so much time and it's only like 5-6 pounds.

I ate extremely healthy yesterday, which was aweseome.

The volume of food I ate was a little high:

Special K bar: 170
Special K shake: 190
Cup of strawberries: 100?
small ceaser salad: 100
banana: 90
sushi: 350
PB:150? :( Protein? lol
special K bar: 170
Yogurt: 160
So that probably is a good cal amount... but I would prefer about 500 less.
it was all "health food" in a way... but too much of it.
And I slept through practice.
Can't do that tonight since I have class first :)

Tomorrows goal: 163.8

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