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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Back for good this time.

I'm way too ready to be back on this band wagon.
I think it was about 2 weeks ago  I was weighing in at 162ish? well as of yesterday I was 167. Today was 167.6?! so I'm doing horrible to say the least.  I've had an excessive break from my eating plans.... and it's time to get back to it.  I think it's definitely good to have these breaks here and there... especially since I lost 28 pounds pretty fast... I'm pretty sure I can drop 15 pounds super easily now and I am more ready than I've ever been :)

I'm starting the master cleanse on Sunday :D
I've always wanted to do it, I've tried before but I don't think the circumstances were right to perform it.
Today I'm going to do ease in day 1. So to me that means all fruits and veggies.
Friday and Saturday will consist of water orange juice and tea.
However, Friday night will differ slightly. haha My friend is coming up again and so is the boyfriend and we're having a party here for my roommates 23rd.... so basically I'm going to allow myself to drink the rest of the sangria I bought last weekend and then probably some more red wine. Also, we're supposed to be going out to dinner where I will have a salad and soup. No bread though...

The on Sunday when I start the master cleanse I will continue it until I hit 159.8, or until the next Sunday. Carey and me are leaving next Monday morning for our spring break trip and so the whole driving for 10 hours, and living in a hotel for a week isn't a great atmosphere for a detox diet haha
I'm hoping to keep it pretty healthy while down there... it's going to be hard though since we're on a tight budget.  I'm bringing a bunch of apples and clementines along with a bunch of bagels as well, which kinda sucks but I have a coupon for 12 free... so we're using it.

When I get back from break I'm hoping to do another few days of the Master Cleanse in order to detow from the trip (We're going to be drinking a lot) and to get into shape for st. Pattys day!

So here we go! I'm super excited!

Day 1: Ease in day 1: pounds lost: 0!

by the end of this process, 10 days all together, I'm hoping to have dropped at least 8 pounds!

I ate an apple for breakfast, and then on my breakfast and lunch break at work I'll eat all veggies and fruits... if I do want to dip the veggies in something I'll just stick with mustard.

then I'm having a big salad for dinner, with the dressing, it's fuji apple? It's amazing.

I'm shopping after work to get everything I need:
2 large bottles of simply orange orange juice
tons of lemons
maple syrup
cayenne pepper
laxative tea.

I'm also debating on doing the salt water flush a few times! I've never done it, so I guess we'll see how it goes.

Also, if anyone wants to join me on this that would be amazing :D

Love you girls :)


Also, I decided to post a few pics of my life recently at the end of each post :)

 me at out party a couple weeks ago
 Carey and me :D
another party pictureeeee

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