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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day one = success so far!

All fruits and veggies today is working out! I've ate a ton of fruits and vegetables and vegetable juices. The only non f/v item I've had is mustard that I dip some veggies in...since I'm doing this more for hte weight loss aspect than the detox I don't really care about the mustard...oh and I ate lima beans... are those considered a veggie? lol probably not... o well.

I bought a ton of juice for the rest of today and then friday and saturday! I'm getting really excited :)
This mighty mango naked juice is amazing! I'm not really sure if I'll avtually be down on the scale tomorrow morning since I'm not really putting a limit on the food as long as it's a fruit of veggie... or juice. I'm really just doing this as the easing in part.

After these 10 days are up, or I hit 159, which ever comes first I'm thinking of doing vegan and vegetarian weeks....hopefully that will lead into somehthing kind of permanent.... I'm thinking that for my lifestyle pescatarian would probably be the best option.. I can live without meat, I've done it before but I have this undying love for fish and not sure if I could do without it!

So for the rest of the day I have fruits and veggies to eat, along with a salad as well. The salad does have dried cranberries and walnuts, but I'm not concerned about it since the whole goal is easing into this master cleanse.

OH! And I just did an enema? lmao...I saw it as I was picking up my laxatives and thought I would give it a try since I'm doing this whole detox thing.

When I get back from break I'm also thinking of doing a few juice fasts... I serisouly love juice so much that I don't think it would really me too hard.

I also bought a water bottle for the salt water flush that I may do tomorrow! And the Senna laxative which I'll take tonight.

I'll keep on posting updates of how this goes! I'm determined to make it to 159 by next Saturday!!!


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